Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The products we design not merely look an exquisite and the brilliant sense of design, but also both quality unique style. Moreover, highly skillful on interpretation for amusing subject of human beings, we bring forth a hundred ways to spoil her / his. Thus, we decided to put our ideas into practice and vowed to become the most caring company in Greater China by using MPF technology to design Design the excellent protection series exquisite products that are separated from the market, thereby enhancing the convenience lifestyle and taste of consumers.


Our Vision & Goal

Concentrate on our main industry, using caring and MPF technology to make THE CARROS become most caring of life and distinguished brand in Asia in three years!


Core Value



 Brand Culture

We want everyone to have a
new cultural life

Healthy life ★ Leisurely life
Easy shopping ★ Happy shopping

 Brand Position

Design the excellent
protection series 
exquisite products 



Perceived temperature · Enjoyment of Life


Middle aged


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