Brand Story

Endeavor and persevere to crafted enamelware for 70 years-
「Honey Ware」always beside you.

It has always been our motivation to keep consumers happy.
Today, customers still cherish our products which they have been using for 10s of years. A thousand thanks for that.
We have a great admiration for craftmanship and persistence of our senior staff.

Would you believe that,Excellent goods have the power to transcend the times?
Nowaday we living in modern life, we hope that everyone can pass on the charming
of enamel products from generation to generation.

Direct materials from Japan.Japan Quality Control. Thai Specialized Production

Siam Fuji Ware(1988)CO., LTD. is founded in Thailand in 1988, which is 100% owned by Fuji Porcelain Enamel Group. Siam Fuji is producing our own brands such as “Honey Ware” or OEM products for the 3rd party. Siam Fuji is producing very high quality of Enamel Wares under the Japanese Technical Managers which is the same quality level as our Japanese standard. More than that, we use all of the Enamel Steel and Enamel Frit which are made in Japan.



Fuji Porcelain Enamel Co.,Ltd.

Fuji Porcelain Enamel Co., Ltd. is the Core member of Fuji Porcelain Enamel Group (Fuji Horo Co., Ltd., SIAM FUJI WARE(1988) CO., LTD. and Shanghai Porcelain Enamel Trading Co., LTD.), is one of the biggest and leading manufacturer of Enamel Ware in Japan.

All through these 70 plus years since establishment, we have been manufacturing not only major product as Kitchen wares but also Construction materials, Industrial parts and more. Besides our own brands, we have been producing OEM brands (for the companies of Apparel, Interior, Food, General Merchandise, Watch and else) of more than 20 countries.

We have been taking over the Knowhow from generation to generation in these 70 years history. We proudly state that our First Class Quality is due to these long time experiences. Another one we should not forget about our quality is our very unique and severe QC, QA system which is again World No.1 class.

Thats why people say
“Fuji Porcelain Enamel keep world No.1 position in quality”

About the Japan Enamel Industry Association Certified Mark

Honeyware enamel products have obtained the S mark of the Japan Enamel Industry Association.
The S mark is a mark that has been certified by the Japanese Enamel Industry Association based on enamel JIS, etc. established by the Japan Standards Association, with an emphasis on safety and quality, in order to use enamel products safely and securely.




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