Product Features


The Enamel Steel and Enamel Frit which are made in Japan.

The thickness of steel is mainly 1.0 mm ( Kettle or Pot are 0.8 mm), which we believe
the best balance for Thermal transfer, Strong and Easy handle for light weight.


Thailand Factory & Japan Factory meet Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS3012, JIS4301etc.) set up by Japanese Standards Association, and we thoroughly focus on the safety and the quality.


70 years Specialized Production

Porcelain enamel is a material made by fusing powdered glass to a substrate by
firing, usually between 750 and 850 °C. The powdered glass melts flows and then
hardens to a smooth, durable vitreous coating.


✔ Good for IH & Gas stove -
Since base material is Iron, realize efficient heating by IH Cooking Heater.

✔ Prevent from Odor Transfer -
Since the surface is made of frit, do not worry about impart flavors or absorb odors. It works well for even strong odor foods.

✔ Durable for Acid & Salt -
Because less affection by acid & salt, 
suitable to pickled plum, pickles, marinating etc.

 Easy Cleaning -
Since surface is smooth frit,
Fall easily dirt by water or Neutral detergent and keep cleanliness
✔ Non-Reactive & High Hygienic 5 -
Since frit surface is not out metal ions, it does not cause the food and chemical reaction. Prevent the growth of bacteria.

✔ Better holding Temperature -
Since warmth is kept even after heating, it is suitable for stews etc.

 Good Durability -
Since Porcelain Enamel ware is made of hard & sturdy iron and shiny glass glaze, it does not fade even after the years.

✔ Resistant to Heat ,Good for Oven -
Since frit is baked at 800℃-850℃, it is excellent in heat resistance and it is available in a oven.



Since base material is Iron, realize efficient heating by all Cooking Heater & Oven. Be proficient in steam,stew,deep-fry,braise,bake,blanch,boil,pickle,etc….


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