18cm Casserole







 18cm Casserole

  Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 2,980
  Dimension:W255 x D185 x H125mm
  Weight:1.23kg (w/box) 

Let alone a gas fire, it is suitable for an IH cooker.
Thermal efficiency is extremely high, and hot water boils with 100% of input levels (※ note 1) early.

Note 1) We requested a test from Japan Product Safety Association, it recorded about 100% of the input value (85% for coffee kettle) from the heat source to the pot body.

※ When using the IH cooker, start with the level "Medium" or lower and gradually increase the temperature.

Item No:HTHSD505R0118 (Red)  Item No:HTHSD505W0118 (White) Item No:HTHSD505G0118 (Green)
Item No:HTHSD505B0118 (Navy)    


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