22cm Deep Casserole







 22cm Deep Casserole

  Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 3,980
  Dimension:W300 x D220 x H190mm
  Weight:1.95kg (w/box) 

Thermal efficiency is extremely high, and hot water boils with 100% of input levels (※ note 1) early.

Note 1) We requested a test from Japan Product Safety Association, it recorded about 100% of the input value (85% for coffee kettle) from the heat source to the pot body.


Casseroles will give you the flexibility to cook whatever you like, and the performance you need to cook it better.
Capacity of 22cm Deep Casserole can even stewing a whole chicken. The larger sizes are great for entertaining and bigger families.

※ When using the IH cooker, start with the level "Medium" or lower and gradually increase the temperature.


Item No:HTHSD506R0122 (Red)  Item No:HTHSD506W0122 (White) Item No:HTHSD506G0122 (Green)
Item No:HTHSD506Y0222 
(Mustard Yellow)


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