1.6L Coffee Kettle







  1.6L Coffee Kettle

    Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 2,580
    Dimension:W230 x D130 x H185mm
 Weight:0.9kg (w/box) 

It is a simple drip cofpot with a small body size, easy to handle, and delicate water volume control with a narrow nozzle. You will be is delicious brewed from pour thin.

This product is ideal for brewing coffee and can be used with various coffee accessories. The product is lightweight, durable, good for all heat sources and perfect for the modern kitchen.

The inner colour in dark blue is a mineral glaze which functioning good in heat-resistant and boils quickly with superior heat distribution.

※ Drip pot has an easy-to-grip handle and a latched lid to prevent slipping.
※ Enamel Kitchenware with a bottom diameter smaller than 12cm or 5”might not detected by some IH cooker.



Item No:HTHSD511R0116 (Red)  Item No:HTHSD511W0116 (White) Item No:HTHSD511G0116 (Green)



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