THE CARROS shopping carts are a hybrid, multi‐functional shopping cart designed for modern people's life style and shopping habits.It have the latest mechanical design with a trendy South European leisure style which absolutely adored by European and Japanese female consumers.

✔ We provide one year warranty + 30 million product liability insurance for THE CARROS shopping cart.

✔ Thermal insulation and water‐resistant for excellent protection for your items !
Extra‐large capacity: Different sizes are available for you to choose from.

Exterior: It has a water‐resistant film, which is easy to clean and looks very chic.
Interior: A special aluminum film material is used for thermal insulation (cold and hot) and food quality protection.


✔ Collapsible aluminum alloy frame for easy storage
The light but sturdy aluminum frame has passed SGS durability test—It is light, durable, and rust‐free.Compact and foldable design allows for easy storage.


✔ Patented push‐up three‐direction effortless wheels
The patented three‐wheeled stair climber design make moving up and down the stairs effortless.


✔ Ergonomic retractable handles
Ergonomically designed with two‐stage adjustable and retractable handles specifically tailored to the average height of Asian women for easy and comfortable use.


lightweight aluminum Hook make your purchase whole lot easier as you can conveniently hang your poly packs in these hooks!
you can protect more fragile items, like eggs,keeping those eggs from getting crushed. This gives you a little extra space in the cart.
As it stops bags containing softer items like bread, eggs, fruit and vegetables from getting squashed by the heavier goods.


✔ Multiple pocket design includes a convenient space to store your umbrella







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