Classic unbeaten Series - Dailyware (Red Leaf Series) 

This kitchen design began with a beloved cookware collection.
Red Leaf Series as red colors bring vibrant energy and striking accents into kitchen design.

This series cookware will fuel your passion for cooking, make you enjoy every meal with great flavors in a warm and lively atmosphere. Whether a hot cup of rich milk, stew a pot of warm and nutritious chicken soup or even a steamboat these all giving you a delicious superior flavor, health and happiness.



12cm Milk Pan
Dimension:265 x 110 x 80mm
Weight:0.45 kg (w/box)
16cm Sauce Pan
Dimension:330 x 165 x 135mm
Weight:1.0 kg (w/box)

18cm Casserole

Dimension:255 x 185 x 135mm
Weight:1.1 kg (w/box)
20cm Casserole
Dimension:285 x 205 x 155mm
Weight:1.45 kg (w/box)
22cm Deep Casserole
Dimension:310 x 240 x 210mm
Weight:2.0 kg (w/box)
27cm Table Pot
Suggested Retail Price:NT$ 4,080元
Item No:HTHRF508R0127
Dimension:355 x 275 x 15mm
Weight:2.1 kg (w/box)

2.0L Kettle
Dimension:255 x 185 x 135mm
Weight:1.1 kg (w/box)



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