The Moomins are a family of white and roundish trolls with large snouts, originally conceived and developed by Tove Jansson in writing and illustrations. The Moomin family and their friends live an adventurous life in the idyllic and peaceful Moominvalley in harmony with nature.

Moomin enamel tableware have both beautiful and practical concepts, and is suitable for families or Singlenoble.
By using it as a daily kitchenware to bring an ambience to be joyful in your life.

Let's bring a piece of the Moomin lifestyle to your kitchen and let yourself loose! 



MOOMIN 9cm Mug - 1
Suggested Retail Price:NTD 990
Item No:HTHMT501MG109
Dimension:W12.5 x D10.5 x H9 (cm)
Weight:0.30 kg (w/box)

MOOMIN 9cm Mug - 2
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 990
Item No:HTHMT501MG209
Dimension:W12.5 x D10.5 x H9 (cm)
Weight:0.30 kg (w/box)


MOOMIN 23cm Plate
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 1,200
Item No:HTHMT51900023
Dimension:W23 x D23 x H2.8 (cm)
Weight:0.49 kg (w/box)



MOOMIN 1.6L Whistling Kettle 
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 3,380
Item No:HTHMT51300016
Dimension:W22 x D17 x H21.5 (cm)
Weight:1.1 kg (w/box)



MOOMIN 16cm Sauce Pan
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 2,580
Item No:HTHMT50400016
Dimension:W33 x D16.5 x H13.5 (cm)
Weight:1.0 kg (w/box)



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