MOZ from Northern Europe, with the friendly elk in the Swedish forest as the logo which is full of childlike and innocent image, and  took the fancy of everyone.

Fujihoro enamel tableware - MOZ series are full of minimalist Scandinavian style, elk lovely rustic style and make a big attention-grabbing!

Let's have a comforting teatime with a MOZ series tableware !



MOZ 8cm Mug
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 880
Item No:HTSMZ50100008
Dimension:W120 x D90 x H81mm
Weight:0.22 kg (w/box)


MOZ 12cm Milk Pan
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 2,200
Item No:HTSMZ50200012
Dimension:W235 x D120 x H100mm
Weight:0.5 kg (w/box)



MOZ 23CM Plate
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 1,500
Item No:HTSMZ51900023
Dimension:W23 x D23 x H2.8 (cm)
Weight:0.49 kg (w/box)



MOZ 1.0L Drip Pot
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 2,480
Item No:HTSMZ51000010
Dimension:W210 x D110 x H165mm
Weight:0.65kg (w/box)


MOZ Deep Container - DM
Suggeseted Retail Price:NTD$ 1,680
Item No:HTSMZ558000DM
Dimension:W175 x D115 x H75mm
Weight:0.4kg (w/box)
MOZ Deep Container - DL
Suggested Retail Price:NTD$ 1,980
Item No:HTSMZ558000DL
Dimension:W200 x D160 x H80mm
Weight:0.6kg (w/box)



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